tonic for the heart

chi kung with tai chi, dao yin and bagua

this site is set up to promote belinda’s classes and workshops in islington N1 and WC1 focusing on chi kung (qigong) with tai chi, dao yin and bagua

the classes are suitable for all levels and are based around gentle, rhythmic movements

tonic for the heart- calming breath from belinda ackermann on Vimeo.

these are ancient chinese martial arts that bring about personal transformation through movement, breath and meditation.

here’s a fabulous quote from rick barrent that goes a long way to mapping the dynamics, of this practice ‘yang & yin are not opposing forces so much as complementary aspects of an underlying unity. hot is yang because it is an expansion. cold is yin and a contraction. all energy is a pulse between expansion and contraction. computers render all information into ’ones’ (yang) & ‘zeros’ (yin)…

its effectiveness depends on first recognising the dual nature of all that exists & then transcending that duality’

come to a class or book a one 2 one session and experience for yourself