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  1. Dilys

    Tai chi/ qigong is I think a totally magical practice, I simply Love it: have been practicing it in Belinda’s classes for over a year now and it’s clear to me that all who come along are becoming more and more fluid in their movements and in their body awareness. She is a gentle, enthusiastic and imaginative tutor – her groups are Win Win all the way.
    Thank you Belinda.

  2. Helengai

    Belinda’s Tai Chi classes are both fabulous and fantastic.
    Fabulous because she brings sparkle, style and wit to her classes, and fantastic because she knows how to awaken the body. Her knowledge of her subject is such that she can do this. She is brilliant!
    All I can say is do not miss her class

  3. denise julien

    Since joining Belinda’s Tai Chi class, I have found that I am sleeping so much better, something very important to prevent cognitive decline as you get older. I have also found that it has had a positive effect on my mental health. I am in greater control of stressful situations, resulting in an all round improvement in my general wellbeing.

    Doing Tai Chi instead of taking pile is so much better. It has all the benefits of improving health without any of the side effects. Thank you Belinda

  4. Poppy

    Belinda is a real star, a true treasure. She’s a wonderful teacher and a great practitioner. Chi kung is rare to find and yet so fulfilling and restorative. If I could start every day with a class with her in the morning I’d be very happy. Thanks Belinda :)

  5. Olivia White


    Thank you for your class.
    During one of the exercises, (movement) I felt covered in happiness. I felt extremely happy, like a glow.

    I am pleased to be attending
    Best wishes.


    I am so glad I have discovered tai chi./chi kung taught by Belinda, at the YMCA Kings X. The gentle flowing movements, have invigorated me, released tensions, made me aware of my posture, balance and breathing. It is such a complete form of helpful exercise, that I wish I had used this throughout my life. it can only now enrich my journey, and assist me through my chronic pain management. I intend to keep on with this practice and highly recommend all ages to join Belinda`s class and discover the benefits for themselves. Thank you so much.

  7. Freddie

    Thank you Belinda for the amazing tai chi lessons I appreciate it so much had an amazing time and felt very peaceful

  8. Alin

    The teacher was amazing! I left the class all refreshed, relaxed and more confident. Must try!

    20/09/2016 read original comment
  9. Katie

    teacher was great and it was a really interesting class!

    20/09/2016 read original comment
  10. Kate

    I much appreciate the precise and passionate quality of Belinda’s teaching – the subtle secrets of Chi Kung are revealed in every class! Chi Kung’s mindful focus on breath leads to a healing experience of moving in stillness. I have been able to let go slowly of physical & emotional holding, and enjoy moments of refreshing immersion in Chi (a kind of universal pulse). Don’t miss Belinda’s special weekend workshops that help attune your internal system & energy to each season. I look forward to Spring cleansing soon!

    Kate (Art psychotherapist)

  11. Kate

    As a committed Tonic for the Heart class member, I also really recommend trying one of Belinda’s Elemental Chi Kung Workshops – two hour immersive, joyful explorations of Fire, Wood, Crane or Dragon Forms (for example!) that always leave me feeling newly energised and rebalanced through a connection with more natural rhythms. The workshops are excellent tasters for anyone new to Chi Kung! Kate

  12. Eliza

    Belinda’s class is perfect for those, often artist or intellectualist, whose thoughts ‘fly out’. It helps to bring the energy back to the body.
    Chi kung teaches you to live your life and make your decisions with the ‘heart and gut’. It is very profound change of perspective, to be in the world with treasures of your own body.

  13. Isabel

    I highly recommend Belinda’s Chi-kung class to anyone looking to get in tune with their body and mind at a sensitive pace, which is thorough and profound. These classes have helped me to come into deep connection with my breathing – which is vital to my work as a singer as well as for my overall wellbeing!

  14. Marianne

    The movements are very subtle, but also very powerful; I have left Belinda’s classes feeling completely re-made from the inside, out!

  15. Giselle Hathaway

    Belinda’s classes are both gentle and demanding and always interesting as we are guided into different sets of movements reflecting the pattern of the changing seasons. Chi Kung practice is giving me greater ease and awareness of my body’s dynamics. I am also finding Chi Kung is a fantastic antidote to stress with the added bonus of a deep night sleep after a session! I highly recommend it.

  16. Petra Griffiths

    Belinda’s chi Gung classes are ideal for anyone who’s out of practice with movement. You can get into the exercises at the right pace for you rather than straining to achieve more than your body is ready for. I find the way the classes change with the seasons very helpful. The rhythm of this connects me with the rhythm of the universe. Participating regularly has helped me enormously through a difficult period in my life and is healing in a a quiet way. The combination of discipline and a warm supportive approach is ideal. I can’t recommend the classes too highly.

  17. Daphne

    I really enjoy my Saturday morning Chi Kung. Belinda is supportive and encouraging and I find I’m gently moving and changing in subtle ways. Its good exercise for those who don’t like exercise and its excellent for those who have a degree of fitness but want to be more connected with their internal organs. Its challenging and kind at the the same time, like Belinda.

  18. vanessa hodge

    belinda is an intuitive and knowledgeable teacher, her pace was perfect for me as a beginner, she patiently worked me through each move. the work is powerful, i felt changes energetically and spaciously in my body that i cannot explain, but i was aware that something had changed over the next few days.