tonic for the heart


for her chi kung gives a gentle way of relating to her energy, a way of accessing the body as a resource to calm the mind and lull it into a place of peace!
here is a bear form associated with the element of water and winter

what is it?

it is a science of exercise and internal awareness that produces super-health. its movements are natural and do not force the body to exceed its capabilities. the body becomes strong through developing an internal strength rather than muscle power or aerobic activity.
the movements and internal exercises create alignment in the body and a balanced posture.

what it can do for you:

  • build your strength and stamina, enhancing the immune system.
  • deepen your breath so you feel into more of yourself.
  • connect you to your body to heal your spirit.
  • the gentle, rhythmic movements give the body an experience of itself.
  • bring an awareness of the infinite, subtle intelligence of your body.

associated forms

the approach taught comes from the elemental college of chi kung and incorporates classic chinese chi kung styles with modern body, mind and energy concepts.
belinda is an artist, she trained as a theatre designer at central st martins and has spent 25 years working with dancers- chi kung is an extension of her lifelong curiosity about how the body communicates, and what it says in stillness and in motion.