tonic for the heart

Ged Sumner chi kung teacher


AND co-founder of elemental college of chi kung
totally fascinating observations of the body through this introduction to biodynamic craniosacral therapy
he talks about ‘dropping into the nuances of the body.. if you can be in an exquisite relationship with your own structure then you can recognize it in someone else’
talking about the development of craniosacral therapy he says ‘I remember practicing in 1993 and barely anything was happening. Now clients are resolving deep chronic states and are going back to their doctor or specialist and finding that test results reveal significant shifts in their physiology. Is it because this therapy is one of the few healing forms that gives intelligent health a chance to act rather than being over-ridden by the ideas and intentions of the therapist?’
‘It’s funny how delicate and sensitive the intelligent body is, it’s shy and will retreat easily but when it does emerge it’s like the most powerful force there is. The good thing is once you invite it and give it the right space, it really does come forward and it really does start to change things. Dramatically. Restructuring, reshaping, reorganizing the body as if the body is made of marshmallow or sponge’
i love the rich, transparent, density of his words they are at the core of all energy work
from this place of curiosity and rigor ‘the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.’
T. S. Eliot